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Our aim is to increase the visibility and knowledge of the hotels, resorts and DMCs that have decided to cooperate with Excellence. Feel free to navigate and contact us in case you need a presentation, some suggestions or for any other need. 

In case of requests for individual reservations or events, we will be happy to take care of you and introduce you to our partners: you will receive a direct proposal from them with no additional intermediary costs.

Hotels & Resorts


Greece, Spain, Italy ar the main countries where our hotels & resorts are located: beautiful properties with high standard service, all 4 and 5*, they are able to satify the most demanding client.

Many of our hotels are the ideal location for incentives, conventions and meetings, not only big events but small top events looking for total discretion.




Destination Management Companies are experts in their territories and are a valid support to your special reservations and events.

We only work with reliable companies, officially operating in their countries, financially healthy and regularly registered and more of them are connected with us since decades.